Monthly Services Website Maintenance Package – This package is based on a 12 months contract.  On a monthly basis we will monitor your website, checking for WordPress and Plugins updates and update them as necessary.

We will update keywords and go through images with alt tags on a monthly basis – this will show Google that there is activity on your site each month and hence will help with your ranking.

We will help with small copy updates, which can include adding and removal of team members, adding Newsletters, Blog items, adding or changing links – again this will all help with keeping your site moving forward and up to date.

Throughout the 12 months contract we will be able to make improvements to the UI and UX.  These would be small changes that will keep your site fresh and updated for a pleasant end user experience.

This package will give you the peace of mind that your website is being monitored on a monthly basis and we can hopefully take some of the stress away from you by keeping everything up to date, and to greatly reduce the risk of hackers getting in to your site.